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The Community and Economic Development coordinators at SWAPDD assist communities with planning, funding, and implementing a wide range of projects.  We work closely with architects, engineers, and elected community officials to prepare strong applications.  While SWAPDD typically does not fund projects directly, we do submit applications to funding agencies at both the federal and state levels.  At the federal level, we have worked on projects funded by the EDA, FEMA, DHS, the EPA, USDA-RD, DOT, and HUD.  At the state level, we often work with AECD, ANRC, ADEQ, and Arkansas Rural Services.  We have good working relationships with many other agencies as well.  Sometimes funding streams are made available to SWAPDD and allow us to fund projects directly, but this is not a common occurrence.

Government "red tape" can be a nightmare for small communities.  Our staff has the expertise needed to adhere to the environmental review, procurement, accounting, auditing, and labor regulations required on projects funded with public monies.  Our services are provided at no charge to District member communities.

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